...for you

Creating a better bathing experience…for YOU.

:: vegan, all-natural, handcrafted, small batch, artisan soaps & skincare ::

Our blend of premium ingredients creates luxurious, velvety lather that gently cleanses, without drying your skin. Our vegan, emollient-rich soaps & skincare products are exclusively scented with botanicals and beneficial essential oils—never synthetic fragrances. Also, we exclusively use leaves, roots and clays that come from the earth to add pleasing tints to our soaps—not synthetic or lab-created colorants.

From the ergonomic shape of our bars that fit comfortably in your hand to our fabulous exfoliating mesh soap pouch that doesn’t promote the growth of bacteria like a loofah or sponge; our soaps & skincare make bathing a pleasurable indulgence for you to look forward to every day.

Imagine...an all-natural, plant-derived luxurious artisan soap with no synthetic ingredients,
that rinses quickly, easily and cleanly.

Now, imagine...your blissfully clean, soft skin.


Our reusable exfoliating mesh soap pouch is available for soaps for you.
*Soaps for your horse & your dog include recyclable scrubbing bath pouch & reusable wrist lanyard.

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